Qualitative Theory of Nonlinear Differential Equations 2013

Trieste, 30 January - 1 February 2013

On the occasion of the 60th birthday of Fabio Zanolin


Flaviano Battelli
Chaos in forced impact systems
Denis Bonheure
A curvature operator from Maxwell-Born-Infeld field theory
Alberto Boscaggin
Pairs of solutions to supersublinear boundary value problems
Anna Capietto
Linear and nonlinear eigenvalue problems for Dirac systems in unbounded domains
Colette De Coster
A resonant-superlinear elliptic problem revisited
Russell Johnson
Lyapunov exponents and nonautonomous dynamics
Julian Lopez-Gomez
Complex dynamics caused by facilitation in competitive environments within polluted habitat patches
Luisa Malaguti
Boundary value problems in abstract spaces as fixed points problems and applications to dispersal population models
Mauro Marini
Asymptotic boundary value problems for Emden-Fowler type differential systems
Jean Mawhin
Variations around Poincaré-Miranda's theorem
Rafael Ortega
Translation arcs and stability in two dimensions
Duccio Papini
Detection of fixed points and chaotic behavior
Carlota Rebelo
Some results about epidemiological models
Marco Sabatini
The period function's higher order derivatives
Luis Sanchez
Travelling wave profiles for some models with nonlinear diffusion
Pedro J. Torres
A Dirichlet problem involving the mean curvature operator in Minkowski space
Antonio J. Urena
Periodic solutions of singular equations with indefinite weight
Gabriele Villari
An improvement of Massera's theorem for the existence and uniqueness of a periodic solution for the Liénard equation